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Emerging into the Workforce as a Gen Z’er

By Kristen Wilhelm

Kristen Wilhelm is Careerstone Group’s 2023 Summer Intern. She attends Goucher College as a Business Management Major.

Members of Generation Z, those born from 1997 to 2012, may be the first group in history with the option to seek meaningful college internship experiences that are fully remote. Being in college during the pandemic, knew I wanted to work for a company that incorporates virtual aspects into the work environment. Careerstone checked that box immediately.

As a member of Generation Z, it was important to know what I wanted out of an internship during college.

Post-pandemic life is undoubtedly different. More jobs are virtual, and employers are incorporating a hybrid schedule for their employees. The flexibility of being completely online from the comfort of my home was one of many factors I took into consideration when looking for a suitable internship.

When I came across Careerstone, I knew they would meet all my requirements. Through my interview process, I learned about Careerstone Group’s many different qualities. They value a positive work environment, create strong connections with their clients, and set the standard for a modern workplace. I knew that joining the Careerstone team as an intern would help me set the bar for future places of employment. Not only has this company made the effort to keep me engaged and occupied with various projects, but Careerstone really set the tone for an ideal Gen Z company.

Here are a few tips to consider when searching for an internship as a Gen-Z student:

1. Know Your Potential Employers’ Audience

If a workplace is not committed to encouraging diversity, it may not be a great fit. Gen Z has been making their mark on the world, by bringing in diversity and inclusion in all different ways. It’s important to consider whether a potential employer embraces this concept or not. While over thousands of companies are more than happy to welcome new ideas and perspectives, there will always be a handful of employers who are not fans of change. Research the companies and learn what their goals are. If keeping a diverse and changing work environment is on a company’s agenda, you know you’ve found a good fit.

2. Ask Yourself, “Is This a Company I Want to Represent?”

Every person has their own ideals, and every company will have their own goals. When you search for an internship, think about the company’s values, how they represent themselves, and learn about their client base. Not every person will fit into every company’s set of standards. Make sure that a company you want to work for reflects your own core values, and that you feel comfortable being a representation of what that specific company stands for.

3. Make Connections

It’s always been important to leverage your internship to meet various potential employers and form connections with people. Gen Z benefits from the virtual workplace by having increase access to individuals and organizations from around the globe. Whether you attend in-person or virtual career fairs or reach out to alumni from your college, meeting people and making that personal connection with a potential employer truly opens a variety of new possibilities.

As I work with this company, I hope to continue to learn about the different ways an organization can include a Gen Z employee, like me, into the workplace. Careerstone Group already shows me that they provide a healthy working environment, while trying to accommodate the changes in the workplace that we see now because of the pandemic. Careerstone has truly set the standard on how a company effectively incorporates the Generation Z workforce.

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