Organizational Effectiveness and Assessments

Organizational effectiveness in the 21st century largely relies on attending to two drivers: Productivity & Positivity.

Productivity is your organization's effectiveness at consistently producing quality services and goods that its customers and potential customers truly value, so they don’t go elsewhere for your services. Positivity is your organization's effectiveness at attracting the right talent and getting the best out of them by offering them a rewarding workplace.

Careerstone Group Consultants assess your organization’s effectiveness around these two drivers and partner with you in augmenting effectiveness where needed. We use a simple guiding framework for most of our organizational effectiveness engagements, including:

  • Current State Assessment: Using a variety of formal and informal assessments, we provide organizations with the qualitative and quantitative data needed to determine current effectiveness. The Current State phase takes into account culture and major work systems (such as succession planning; organizational design; process design; performance measurement and management; and internal and external communication systems.) It is designed to give the client a clear picture of where the organization is operating at its best and where improvements need to be made.
  • Future State: We work with you and your stakeholders to articulate the desired Future State of the organization by answering the question, “Where does the organization need to go?” Our consultants’ robust business experience enables them to connect that desired future state to stakeholder and real-world realities.
  • Closing the Gap: This is where the work begins to really affect organizational processes and systems. Careerstone consultants will support you to identify specific work process and people challenges and drive solutions that make sense and bring results. In the end, you will effectively close the gap between wanting organizational effectiveness and having organizational effectiveness.

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