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Are your co-workers driving you crazy? Does your boss suck? Mary Abbajay and Chris DeSantis are here to podcast you to workplace (and social) success. We call it “Cubicle Confidential: Weekly Advice for the Working Stiff."

Each week we'll meet you at the watercooler and respond to your most outrageous workplace questions, comments and concerns. Our advice is sometimes spot-on, sometimes funny, often a bit salty (Mary!) and always tempered (Chris!) by our years of professional experience in the corporate trenches. What happens in the cubicle… ends up here!

Our top 5 most popular podcasts:

Promotion Motion: How Do I Get Promoted?

Are you trying to climb up the corporate food chain? Trying to crack that promotion code? Or are you tired of being passed over for promotions? If so, then this episode is for you! Mary and Chris answer questions on how to power up your promotion prospects. Hint: Just doing your job isn’t enough…

Should I Grit or Should I Quit?

In this episode, Chris and Mary help listeners answer the perennial career dilemma: How do you know when it’s time to grit or time quit that job (or that boss)?

This Stinks: How do I tell a co-worker that they smell?

Have you ever worked closely with a colleague that’s a tad fragrant? Do you tell them or do you hold your breath for 8 hours? Mary and Chris debate what to do. Meanwhile, when is it okay to tell someone that their face is a problem?

My So Called Career: Advice for the Career Confused

Crafting a satisfying career can be confusing! In this episode, Mary & Chris advise listeners at different career phases. Down and Out feels like a failure. Empty Nest on a Quest is trying to re-enter the workforce. This, That, or Something Else wants to break into show business.

My Boss is Cheating on Me

Office romance is front and center in this episode as Mary and Chris give advice on what to do about a two-timing boss. Meanwhile, what happens when your ex gets the job you wanted? Is it luck or are they sleeping with the boss?

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