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Our members haven't stopped talking about your "Networking Matters" workshop! We really enjoyed having you back to speak to our Leadership Development Program. Thanks for a wonderful and interactive workshop! United Bank: Networking Matters, Workshop Participant
Really enjoyed this class – it was lively, fun yet education and a lot to take from even towards my own work. GSA: Presentation Matters, Workshop Participant
I was one of your "Customer Service Champions Training" students. Although your class required extensive participation and interaction, I thoroughly enjoyed you and the class. I am sincerely amazed at the impact that the principles made upon me. I implement the customer service "things learned," daily. The class truly provides a fresh new perspective in servicing customers and my co-workers, who are also my customers. US Army 81st RSC: Customer Service Training, Workshop Participant
I really enjoyed this because I think it’ll help me better understand and work with team members. Chris was very energetic and was able to clearly explain the ins and outs of the MBTI, making it realistic and enjoyable in the process. GSA Emerging Leaders Program: Personality Matters! Workshop Participant
Mary is a fantastic speaker. Her presentation was engaging and insightful and kept your attention the entire time. Loved her directness and 'telling it like it is' style. Refreshing! HR Alliance DC: Organizational Culture Presentation, Workshop Participant
The training was well thought out, it was entertaining while being informative and it will help me in the performance of my job. I learned a lot about myself as well as my co workers. This should contribute to a more effective and collaborative environment. This was fun, interactive, and immensely helpful. I hope to use what I learned today to better interact with people in the office and make the most use of everyone's time in working on projects. Personality Matters! Workshop Attendee
I've sat through many trainings these past few months and this one was easily the best. The presenters were so positive and energetic. 10/10 would recommend. GSA R5: Generations Matter, Webinar Participant
The session was fantastic. I attended one earlier this week and this one was much better at describing Impostor Syndrome and offering advice on what to do about it. Really excellent! Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard: Impostor Syndrome, Webinar Participant
Presenter's energy and enthusiasm, along with her confidence, made the training highly engaging! GSA OHRM: Business Writing, Webinar Participant
Mary, I can’t thank you enough for that wonderful session. It was so engaging, helpful, interactive (not easy in this environment), and fun. Feedback already has been fantastic! I am thrilled that we have connected and you will be top of mind going forward for training sessions. I hope at some point in the future, we can meet in person. Thank you again for saying “yes!” Stay well. Dechert, Chief Talent and Human Resources Officer: Time Management, Webinar Participant
Kristen and Mary bring high energy and engagement throughout the training and it helps make this flow especially in a virtual environment. ED PTL: Virtual Retreat, Webinar Participant
The presenter's level of expertise was 10 out of 10 and she was able to convey her knowledge effectively. She was funny, humble and delivered the material with a good sense of humor and with a lot of enthusiasm – it was impressive that she could maintain such a high level of energy throughout the entire training! NOAA: Managing Up, Webinar Participant
First time I was engaged in this type of workshop, really enjoyed it! I learned so much about myself and how to better communicate with my execs and colleagues. This will definitely help my working relationships. Thank you! Salesforce: Managing Up, Webinar Participant
Great virtual instruction today. Fantastic slide show, breakout rooms, and discussion! The presenter was very upbeat and used creative ways to engage the audience virtually! NIH: Managing Effective Meetings, Webinar Participant
Loved the energy that Robin brought to the table! Her presentation was excellent, very helpful, and professionally relevant. Leadership Montgomery: Feedback Matters, Webinar Participant

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