Onboarding is as important as attracting and hiring talent, and it can play a key role in long-term retention.

As an organization’s first opportunity to educate, engage, and impress new employees, the Onboarding process requires a comprehensive plan and appropriate resources. The first few months of employment are often a vulnerable time for new hires; they’re determining whether their expectations were met; assessing their role on the team; and beginning to make decisions as to their long-term commitment to the organization. Creating a sound Onboarding process will provide your new employees with the early tools and knowledge they need for long-term success. It will aide them in assimilating and embedding into your organization. And, it will increase your chances of retaining that valuable talent you've attracted.

Careerstone Group Consultants:

  • Are familiar with the latest Onboarding and retention research
  • Have experience in many organizations and agencies in the private and public sectors
  • Will partner with you to design, develop, and implement an Onboarding program that fits your organization
  • Will help you augment your existing Onboarding program

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