THE WORKING LIFE, Ongoing / Clear Channel Radio -- Mary Abbajay is the host expert on Clear Channel radio's public affairs program, "The Working Life" broadcast in the Washington DC and Baltimore metro areas. The Working Life tackles real life working issues for real life people!

Listen to the programs:

Effective Meetings Bernie Lucas and employment consultant Mary Abbajay discuss effective meetings in the work place and how a meeting leader can design a meeting and agenda so that the time is well spent.
College Graduate to Working Professional Part 1: Interview Skills for Success -- Interviewing can be really scary and nerve wracking. In this Working Life segment, Mary Abbajay outlines the skills necessary to ace a job interview.
College Graduate to Working Professional Part 2: Creating a Professional Persona -- Projecting a professional image is essential to career success in every field. Mary discusses the key elements of how young adults can present themselves with professionalism and confidence.
College Graduate to Working Professional Part 3: Workplace Success -- The skills needed for success in the workplace are very different from the skills needed for success in school. In this segment of the Working Life, Mary Abbajay highlights some of the key skills young adults need to master in order to find success at work.
Workplace Gossip Mary Abbajay discusses the dangers of workplace gossip run amok and discusses strategies to help alleviate its negative side effects.
Holding Grudges Feelings of revenge, spite, and loathing can be destructive in the workplace. Mary Abbajay discusses how to turn these negative experiences into positive motivators.
Workplace Mentoring More and more businesses are embracing the concept of mentoring as a professional development and knowledge management tool. Learn what it takes to create an effective mentoring program or relationship.
Changing Jobs Within Your Organization Is it time to move up or around in your organization? Learn how to navigate an internal job change.
Generations in the Workplace Today's workplace has to accommodate 4 very different generations with different values and expectations. Increasing your generational intelligence will increase your organizational effectiveness.
Health on the Job Staying healthy on the job requires paying attention to your workplace habits and learning how to make healthier choices.
Getting Fired How to handle getting fired with dignity and effectiveness.
Authenticity Authenticity is one of the cornerstones of success in business. Get real to get ahead.

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