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Young at Work: Combating The First Job Blues Your first job. How exciting! How nerve wracking. How disappointing. Your first job out of college or grad school can be all of those. Many people head into new jobs only to find that they aren’t too thrilled with the reality of their career. They often run into what I call the first job blues, and it’s very common. Luckily, the blues can be cured with a little insight, a little attitude adjustment and some very concrete tips. Download PDF
Young at Work: The Value of the Menial A major cause of frustration with new professionals is that they enter the workplace with unrealistic expectations. We often enter new situations with high hopes and even higher expectations. The road from entry level employee to CEO is a long one. Your first year or two at work may look very different than you had thought they would and that many aspects of the working life will be quite different than what you expected (or wanted). Download PDF
The Danger of Workplace Gossip It seems so harmless. The little chitchat at the water cooler about so and so. The debate over someone’s relationship with someone else. The speculation about so and so. Is it chitchat or is it gossip? How can you tell the difference? And who cares? There is a very big difference, and it is an important one, because gossip run amok can be dangerous and destructive in the workplace. Download PDF
The Working Life: The Importance of Workplace Mentors Most adults can identify a person who had a significant and positive impact on them. Whether it was a teacher, a coach, a boss, a scoutmaster or a parent, chances are that someone, somewhere along the line acted as a mentor to you. Today, more and more businesses are embracing the concept of mentoring as a professional development tool. Through mentoring, organizations are seeing dramatic improvements in efficiency, productivity and, of course, the passing of institutional knowledge and leadership skills from one generation to the next. Download PDF

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