Team Building

Team Launch, Team Alignment and Team Productivity

Few leaders would argue that high-performance teams are one of the most critical components to business success. In fact, teamwork has become a critical business strategy. Though there are myriad team building exercise and off-the-shelf programs aimed at improving teamwork, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work. Because teams are created for various reasons and are at different stages of their lifecycle, the “teaming” approach must be customized based on these factors. Careerstone’s consultants are skilled at assessing team effectiveness and designing solutions that both build the team today and provide it with skills to continue growing tomorrow.

As organizations continue to move away from hierarchical structures, the team is fast becoming the preferred organizational vehicle through which planning, implementation, work, change and oversight is achieved.

Teams in your organization may be formed for a variety of reasons. These often include the need to:

  • Complete a particular task or project
  • Develop new and improved ways of doing business
  • Share ideas
  • Solve an organizational problem
  • Ensure cross-functional and diverse perspectives are heard

For whatever reason your team has formed, its success, productivity and results will be much greater if careful attention is paid to:

  • Articulation of its success
  • Agreed-upon team norms and behaviors
  • Clearly articulated and understood team roles and responsibilities
  • The development of personal relationships to foster trust and collaboration
  • The ability to balance assertiveness and co-operation to complete the task at han
  • Willingness of team members to give and receive honest feedback
  • The development of conflict resolution skills to ensure team conflict is constructive and supports results
  • When the time has come to disband the team
  • Having fun when appropriate to build camaraderie and reward hard work

Careerstone Group Team Coaches are highly skilled in helping teams launch in a way that enables success; aligns them around team norms, behaviors and goals; and ensures productivity by developing a road map with accountability and action milestones. Don’t leave the success of your team to chance, work with a Careerstone Group Team Coach and give your team the attention it needs to be successful.

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