Power Matters

Increase Organizational Engagement

Organizational power and hierarchy affect every aspect of organizational life. This workshop provides a window into the dynamics of power and a framework for understanding how organizational hierarchy impacts behavior.

Understanding organizational hierarchy and the effects of power is essential to effective leadership. Whether you are an emerging or an experienced leader, understanding how the dynamics of power and hierarchy impact organizational behavior is essential for growth and innovation.

This half-day Power Matters workshop has at its core a very powerful simulation. This simulation is designed to give rising leaders a very real experience of how power and hierarchy is created in a system.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand how systems work to generate different levels of power hierarchies.
  • Understand how hierarchies drive individual and group behaviors.
  • Appreciate their own and other’s relationship to power.
  • Appreciate that one’s place in a system directly impacts relationships and behaviors.
  • Appreciate that power changes one’s ability to deal with both change and conflict.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading Change; Leading People

Leadership Competencies: Conflict Management; Leveraging Diversity; Strategic Thinking; Flexibility; Resilience; Interpersonal Skills; Continual Learning

Length: Full Day

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