Careerstone Group consultants blend their skills and experience with their sensitivity to client needs into a customized client action plan — our D3 Approach©.

Careerstone Group consultants employ our proprietary D3 Approach© in every client engagement. This methodology enables Careerstone to tailor its staffing and focus for each engagement, recognizing that every organization has its own unique issues, structure and history.

D1 Design

Our skilled consultants provide valuable insights, ask the questions that need to be asked, provide a neutral presence, and support the discovery of solutions that make the system more effective and productive. Design phase activities include:

  • We meet with our client’s key stakeholders to determine specific program (training, facilitation, assessment, consulting, coaching, etc.) objectives, goals, outcomes, and audience.
  • We design a customized training/facilitation/assessment/program design, agenda and materials based on client objectives
  • The draft design is reviewed collaboratively with the client and refined to ensure objectives are met fully.

D2 Deliver

We facilitate the process while relying on those within the organization to provide insider knowledge, history, and context. We won’t tell you what to do; rather, we’ll work with you to articulate your current state, your desired state, and what you need to do to make the changes necessary to reach your desired future state:

  • The internal messaging of any development initiative is key to its success. We work with clients to develop an internal message for participants and broader stakeholders.
  • A project plan, facilitation, training, or coaching plan (and any appropriate supporting materials) is created and delivered to the client.
  • Our expert trainers, facilitators, consultants and coaches are not talking heads. Careerstone Group utilizes an adult experiential learning methodology. Our workshops and faciliated sessions are known for their lively interactive discussions. Delivery includes a key concept followed by experiential exercises and discussions to embed the learning.
  • Our core belief is that adult participants already have a wealth of knowledge about the organization in which they work and how to be successful in it, therefore the trainer takes a facilitative approach to unearth group knowledge and gain commitment around the behavior changes required to make the workshop materials effective in the workplace.

D3 Debrief

Careerstone debriefs each individual or group development engagement by employing written participant evaluations, which are consolidated into a report by engagement and by program length. These evaluations and participant comments are reviewed as part of an "after action" review meeting with the client to ensure refinements are conducted collaboratively with client input.

Careerstone uses this information to achieve two objectives fundamental to a continuous improvement cycle:

  1. To improve programs by based on client feedback
  2. To offer the client recommendations for next steps based on group interaction and performance

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