Strategic Planning

Organizations most commonly use strategic planning to help identify organizational goals, drive performance and plan for the future.

The outcome is typically the creation of a strategic plan. Strategic planning is complex, and the process must be well facilitated in order to achieve a meaningful plan.

Careerstone Group’s consultants have a robust set of organizational development skills that will support you in your strategic planning efforts. We will take into account your organization’s specific culture, strengths, competitive environment and approach to business. We’ll engage diverse members of the team to ensure functional goals as well as the broader goals of the organization are considered. This ensures that your strategic plan is a realistic plan that moves your organization forward and does not end up (as many do) on a shelf gathering dust.

Careerstone Group Consultants stand ready to:

  • Help you determine your need for a planning effort
  • Work with you to articulate your goals
  • Understand the specific needs and drivers of your organization
  • Partner with you to design a plan that will not gather dust on a shelf, but rather will be a living document driving your organization’s performance now and in the future
  • Design and facilitate meetings to effectively further your strategic planning efforts
  • Focus your strategic planning team on internal and external threats and opportunities

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