Networking Matters!

Build Authentic and Effective Professional Relationships

An important element in achieving career and organizational success is being well connected both within and outside your organization. This means building a robust network of peers and colleagues who can support your success and the success of your organization.

Get Connected

Collaboration and connectivity are two keys to success in the 21st Century. Cultivating an ever-expanding list of contacts will dramatically aid your career development as well as your organizational success and effectiveness. Successful networkers understand that networking isn’t just schmoozing; it’s essential for organizational and career development.

Careerstone Group’s highly interactive, fast-paced Networking Matters workshop will give you the skills and sensibilities to develop a highly effective network and build robust workplace relationships.

Participants will learn to:

  • Understand the major Do’s and Don’ts of effective networking.
  • Learn how to build positive and professional relationships within and outside your organization.
  • Develop and practice effective skills for engaging others.
  • Understand and practice essential networking etiquette skills and tips.
  • Develop mutually beneficial relationships before you need them.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading People; Building Coalitions

Leadership Competencies: Interpersonal Skills; Oral Communication; Partnering; Leveraging Diversity; External Awareness; Political Savvy; Customer Service

Length: Full Day

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