Conflict Matters

Manage Conflict Effectively. Turn Conflict Into Collaboration.

Conflict is a reality of organizational life and work relationships. Conflict, if handled effectively, can help deepen and strengthen relationships and teams and can be a positive catalyst for creativity and change.

Conflict is a natural part of our work and personal lives, and being able to successfully manage and navigate conflict is an essential skill for leadership and workplace success. Effective organizational actors must be aware of the different conflict styles they and others use. Success means understanding when these styles are useful and when they are not.

Those who have a framework for understanding the nature of conflict, how they and others deal with conflict and being able to have appropriate and productive conversations to resolve conflict will be more productive and successful in work and life. The highly interactive Conflict Matters workshop uses a combination of small and large group work to teach participants how to keep relationships intact, engender a more positive workplace and understand and resolve conflict successful.

Participants will learn to:

  • Turn conflict into collaboration.
  • Appreciate that conflict can be a positive force both personally and organizationally.
  • Apply and practice a model for having “difficult conversations” with safety and respect.
  • Recognize the four most common responses to conflict.
  • Explore their current conflict management style.
  • Leverage other styles for more effective conflict resolution.
  • Increase their confidence in having difficult conversations and resolving conflict.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading People; Building Coalitions

Leadership Competencies: Conflict Management; Team Building; Interpersonal Skills; Influencing/Negotiating; Problem Solving; Team Building; Oral Communication

Length: Full Day

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