Gossip Matters

Create Positive Workplace Communication

Workplace gossip can create a negative workplace climate. When left unchecked, it can threaten organizational culture and effectiveness and can lead to the loss of good employees who do not want to work in a toxic environment. Creating a positive workplace environment is essential.

Negative workplace gossip can have many serious, adverse side effects on organizational life. Gossip can increase conflict and decrease morale. It can result in strained relationships. It can break down the trust level within and among groups. It can break down teamwork and become a major obstacle to collaboration and productivity. Organizational trust and relationships are the heart and soul of a collaborative workplace. Gossip can ruin it.

The Gossip Matters workshop helps organizational actors be more conscious and choiceful in their workplace communications and relationships.

Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the difference between idle chitchat and damaging office gossip.
  • Discuss the underlying reasons why office gossip exists in their environment.
  • Understand the concept of Intent versus Impact.
  • Recognize the impact of “stories” on individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Practice behaviors to break the gossip cycle.
  • Adopt generative communication styles to improve organizational trust and emotional intelligence.

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading People

Leadership Competencies: Interpersonal Skills; Oral Communication; Conflict Management; Team Building

Length: Full Day

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