Transition Matters

Successfully Navigate Change and Transition

Change is very challenging to organizational life and workforce effectiveness. Success in the workplace depends on organizational actors adjusting, adapting and transitioning into the new way of doing things. And as we know, transitions can be difficult.

Organizations and employees are constantly dealing with organizational and personal change. Personally, this can be a move, a change in one’s relationship or home life, a change in one’s health or any number of other personal issues. Organizationally, change can mean a new job, new responsibilites, new organizational intititives or structures, etc.

Transition occurs as individuals adapt to these changes in their personal and professional lives. Research shows that change has profound effects on an individual’s emotional state, including feeling blue, feeling sick, being excited, being anxious, etc. How one navigates change and transition has a profound effect on their success, at work and in their personal life. The Transitions Matter workshop teaches participants to understand change and transition and empowers them to manage it successfully.

Participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the difference between transition and change.
  • Understand people’s internal psychological response to change.
  • Identify the stages of transition.
  • Articulate their own methods of managing transition.
  • Develop strategies to help ease transition for self and others.
  • Appreciate the power of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Note: First Job Blues/New Employee Orientation/Onboarding

Executive Core Qualification Focus: Leading Change

Leadership Competencies: Flexibility; Resilience; Conflict Management; Interpersonal Skills

Length: Full Day

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