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Six Ways to Show Your Appreciation on National Boss Day

We’ve all heard of employee appreciation, but how often do we take the time to show gratitude for our managers and leaders at work? Bosses don’t often receive recognition for the hard work they put into managing other people, solving employees’ problems, and ensuring everything is running smoothly at work. October 16th is National Boss Day, and was established in 1958 to strengthen the bond between employee and employer. This year, show your manager you appreciate them on National Boss Day with these simple and fun ideas:

  1. Write a handwritten note. Personal, handwritten notes are rare these days. Write your boss a thank-you card, giving specific examples of recent things your boss did to make your life easier. Did your boss hire an additional team member to reduce your workload? Did they help you learn a new skill, give you opportunities for promotions, or allow you flexibility in your schedule? Show your appreciation with this memorable and heartfelt gesture.
  2. Compliment your boss publicly. The next time you’re in a meeting or group setting (and it’s appropriate), give your boss a shout-out to recognize their hard work. Congratulate them on a recent accomplishment, highlight an award they received, or simply thank them for helping you with a project. Complimenting your boss on a job well done will surely make their day—and even better if your boss’ boss is around to hear your praises!
  3. Take your boss out to lunch. Who doesn’t love free food? Show your boss that you appreciate all they do for you, and treat them to lunch. If it’s an especially hectic time of year, and you can’t steal your boss away from the office for an hour, get together with coworkers and organize a potluck lunch or breakfast for the team. It’s an easy and fun way to say thank you!
  4. Write a LinkedIn recommendation for your boss. Spread the word about your boss to their entire network. Endorse your boss for having excellent managerial skills, or write a review highlighting their technical aptitude at work. An added bonus: Not only will it make them feel good about themselves, but your boss will also be more willing to write you a recommendation in the future.
  5. Give a “Boss Day” gift. Pitch in with other coworkers for a small gift to show your boss appreciation. Flowers and a card, a cute coffee mug, or a gift-card to your boss’ favorite restaurant are just a few ideas. This gesture will be sure to make your boss’ day and let them know you notice all their hard work.
  6. Go the extra mile. Give your boss a precious and practical gift: time. Offer to stay late, lend them a hand with a project, or take over the busy-work tasks you know your boss dreads doing. Anything that saves your boss time and energy will be very much appreciated!

Our bosses work hard for us all year and often go unnoticed, so take a day to celebrate them and recognize their accomplishments. It only takes a little time and effort to show your appreciation, and doing so will strengthen the working relationship between you and your boss!

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