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About to be Fired? Here's What To Do

Oftentimes, when people get fired or laid off, they saw it coming. They may have heard rumors or rumblings, felt a change in the atmosphere, or simply read the writing on the wall. And, in hindsight, they always wish they’d better prepared themselves.

So, if you see or sense a layoff or termination coming, take action and prepare yourself. Here are five things to do the minute you feel it coming:

  1. Get your resume together.You will need it right away to get back on the market.
  1. Make a list of your key accomplishmentsat the organization.You never know—if you can wow them with everything you’ve accomplished and show them how important you have been to the bottom line, you may be able to sell yourself back to the company or convince them not to let you go. In any event, it’ll help get you focused on your work and what you can offer.
  1. Make a list of everything in your pay and benefits package.Think through your insurance, vacation time, etc. so you are ready to ask about it. The person doing the firing or layoffs will probably be as nervous as you, so being prepared is key.
  1. Be nice.I know it may be hard to even consider being pleasant to the people who may be firing you, but you want to preserve the relationship as much as possible. They may hire you back. They may recommend you for another job or steer you in the direction of another company. Don’t burn bridges.
  1. Keep it to yourself.You could be dead wrong, and you don’t want to rile people up or anger management. Just keep calm, carry on, and prepare for the worst.  

Good luck!

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