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Boost Your Pandemic Job Search

If you’re looking for a job right now, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to keep filling out applications while the candidate pool seems to grow larger and the job pool seems to grow slimmer. Don’t get discouraged! Companies are still hiring, but you may have to reexamine search strategies as well as the opportunities and industries you’re thinking about.


While landing that new job may not be easy right now, it’s definitely possible. We want to equip you for the most successful job search with these tips:


  1. Develop new connections and maintain current ones

Connect with other professionals online and attend virtual events! Join groups on social media (i.e., Facebook and LinkedIn) that are geared towards the job or career you want. Be active and add your voice to conversations, like and comment on articles, and share posts. This is a great way to build your network! Don’t forget to stay in touch with the connections you already have, too. Reach out and re-connect with people in your network.


  1. Expand your experience and skills

Think about the positions you want and research the skills and qualifications necessary to obtain them. Consider taking online classes to improve or learn those skills during this down time! This is a great way to boost your resume and make you stand out once you’re actively applying for jobs.


  1. Update your online profiles

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date. Recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile when considering candidates, so have a professional headshot, an engaging headline, and previous experiences and achievements listed. This will give you a leg up when people stumble across your page and when connecting with other professionals!


  1. Be flexible and patient

The job search takes time – lots of it. There are many factors and moving pieces that go into choosing the right candidate. It’s important to be patient when awaiting responses. Also, be open to accepting a part-time or contractor position. If you get in with a company now, you might be considered first if a full-time role becomes available.


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