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Cubicle Confidential: Our Top 5 Most Popular Workplace and Career Advice Podcasts

Cubicle Confidential is thrilled to announce that SEASON TWO is now STREAMING LIVE!

Are your co-workers driving you crazy? Does your boss suck? Mary Abbajay and Chris DeSantis are here to podcast you to workplace (and social) success. We call it “Cubicle Confidential: Weekly Advice for the Working Stiff”

Join us every Wednesday at the watercooler on your favorite streaming platform for great career insights and workplace advice as we respond to your most outrageous workplace questions, comments and concerns.

Our advice is sometimes spot-on, sometimes funny, often a bit salty (Mary!) and always tempered (Chris!) by our years of professional experience in the corporate trenches. What happens in the cubicle… ends up here!

Visit our page featuring our top 5 most popular podcasts from our first season

Listen our entire catalog of podcasts from the first and second seasons at Buzzsprout

And don’t forget, if you have a workplace dilemma or career questions, email us: info@cubicleconfidential.com or tweet us @cubicleconfide1. All names will be changed to protect the guilty and innocent…

Cubicle Confidential is a Weekly Workplace and Career Advice Podcast by Mary Abbajay and Chris DeSantis

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