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Fostering Innovation at Work Through Creativity

As we continue to navigate our ever-changing and challenging work environments, it’s more important than ever to tap into our innovation and problem-solving skills. Essentially, it’s time to boost your creativity. Even for those who don’t specifically work in a creative field, creativity is a necessary skill across all industries, job functions, and levels of the organizational chart. One of the top five most in demand skills for employees is – you guessed it – creativity!


Every time you think of a unique solution to a problem, whether that’s implementing a new project management system or streamlining your client experience, you’re demonstrating your ability to be creative.


Let’s focus on some ways to generate more creativity in your work world:


  1. Make time to brainstorm

Pick up a pen and notepad or call your work bestie and let your mind run wild. Write down all the ideas you have about business growth, development, marketing, or anything else that comes up. Low pressure brainstorming sessions can be a great way to generate brilliant new ideas or solutions. The best ideas often come about in these unstructured and natural settings.


  1. Embrace the possibility of failure

Don’t let the fear of failure stop you from bringing your most innovative ideas to the table. Allowing yourself to make mistakes when trying something new creates a safe space for experimentation and learning. Just because you didn’t nail the execution of an idea the first time around doesn’t mean it won’t add value to your organization. Being willing to pivot and try again is the key to success.


  1. Take a walk

A Stanford study reveals that walking improves creative thinking. Whether you’re walking indoors or outdoors, your creativity will be much greater than if you’re stationary. Steve Jobs was famous for his walking meetings and Mark Zuckerberg has been seen doing the same. Try taking your next call or brainstorming session on foot if you need a boost of creativity. Bonus tip: a “walk and talk” brainstorming conference call means you get a break from Zoom gloom.


  1. Collaborate with others

Talking to your team members or even people across different departments might just be what your creativity needs. Other people are often sources of inspiration for generating new ideas. Soliciting thoughts and ideas from other people could lead to even better solutions to problems. Often, those who are not as close to the situation are able to bring fresh perspectives. Two minds are truly better than one when getting creative.


  1. Optimize your office space

You can boost your creativity by reorganizing and redecorating your office space with a few things in mind. Think about color psychology – light blues and greens promote relaxation while bold reds and oranges stimulate thinking – and how you can bring these elements in to your space. Having plants in your officealso increases productivity and happiness. Take ergonomics into consideration when designing a space that is suitable for you and your productivity!


Spring forward and tap into your most creative self – your organization and team will be thankful for your innovative new ideas!


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