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It's Not Too Late to Take Time Off!

As we approach the end of summer, it’s not too late to plan a vacation to get out of the office (or home office)! The thought of taking time off work can be daunting for numerous reasons, such as fearing a boss’ reaction to a request for time off and worrying about falling behind with work. Last year Americans left a record number of 768 million vacation days unused. We’re so focused on productivity at work that many of us let our PTO fall by the wayside.


We don’t talk about the importance of taking time off often enough; here are 5 benefits of taking a vacation or staycation to make decision-making easier:


  1. Reduce stress levels

Going on vacation and taking time out of the office promotes relaxation which helps make people feel less stressed when they come back to work. This serves as a mental reset and reminds us that life exists outside of our jobs and career. Unwinding from work a few times a year makes it easier to combat stress in our day-to-day work environments.


  1. Increase workplace productivity

Stepping away from your desk – even for a short period of time – dramatically increases productivity. People are more motivated to work hard when they come back from vacations; taking time away from the office can spark creativity.


  1. Boost your mood

After returning from a fantastic trip, people find themselves much happier. The vacation you plan can even improve your mood before you leave the office! Anticipating an upcoming trip noticeably increases your happiness since you have something exciting to look forward to.


  1. Improve physical and mental health

Taking time off does wonders for your mind and body. Besides reducing stress and increasing our overall happiness, it also helps us improve our mindfulness by being fully present. Vacations and heart health are connected, too! Taking a vacation can actually reduce your risk of heart disease.


  1. Decrease chance of burnout

People who feel overwhelmed and overworked have a high chance of experiencing burnout – even if they enjoy their job. Setting aside time to relax and not worry about work while on vacation decreases the likelihood of feeling burnt-out.

Taking time off of work to go on a trip or just stay home and relax will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated long after you return. Do yourself (and your health!) a favor by enjoying some of the summer away from the office! You’ll thank yourself later!


So go ahead and put on your “away” email and go relax already!


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