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Ditch Your Resolutions For Intentions

It’s that time of year again! We are happily leaving 2020 in the dust and ringing in 2021 with optimism, positivity, and lots of energy for new experiences. A new year means a trove of New Year’s Resolutions will take over the internet for the next month. While we love to hear about all the goals people set to improve their lifestyle, career, and health – the truth is that 80% of resolutions fail by February! So, instead we encourage you to replace your resolutions with intentions! Why intentions? Well, setting intentions focuses on combining where you are in the present moment with your values and desires, helping you create a roadmap to success.


We’ve learned the power in setting intentions and know they’re game-changing, so we’re sharing our best tips on how to make your New Year’s intentions work for you:


  1. Be specific and realistic

When setting your intentions, make sure they’re specific and realistic. Many of us would love to be more present and disconnect from technology for hours (or even days!) at a time. However, that might not be possible if your job requires you to check your phone throughout the day, so you could rephrase your intention to “be more present and disconnect from technology for two hours after 5 pm.”


  1. Write them down

Yes, that’s right – write your intentions down on a piece of paper or sticky note! Post your intentions in a high-visibility space – on your fridge, mirror, or computer. This way, you will constantly be reminded of them. You’ll increase your chance of remembering and accomplishing your intentions by writing them down!


  1. Take action (every day)

Intentions without action are meaningless. Activate your intentions with actions! Brainstorm a list of actions—large and small—that will help you live your intentions. Since you’ve posted your intention somewhere visible, it should be easy to identify when and where you are or aren’t moving towards your intentions. If your intentions involve other people (for example, I will be more present to my spouse/children/employees, etc.), then ask them what actions would be most meaningful.


  1. Remain flexible and don’t be afraid to make adjustments

While setting intentions at the beginning of the year can help you stay on track to reach your goals, it’s important to be adaptable. Leave space for change since, unfortunately, you can’t control the workings of the world. Allow your intentions to shift as your life and world shift. You don’t have to be rigid in the path you take to achieve your goals – you have to be flexible!


  1. Celebrate the small wins

Staying motivated and positive throughout the process is essential! Take time to celebrate every step you take towards reaching your goal – no matter how small. Acknowledging any kind of progress helps inspire us to keep going. The combination of all of these small wins puts us on the path to bigger wins, so they deserve to be celebrated!


As we enter a new year which will hopefully be better than the last, there’s no better time to reflect on what you want to cultivate in your personal and professional life. Whatever your goals or intentions are for 2021, we wish you the best for happy, healthy, and successful New Year!



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