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Just Say Thanks! The Art of the Thank You Note

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we at Careerstone are reflecting on what we’re grateful for this year! It’s no secret that 2020 has been difficult and challenging for many of us. Take time to appreciate the special people around you who have made these times more bearable or who have made your life more joyful. Just because we are socially distant, doesn’t mean that we have to be emotionally distant.


Expressions of gratitude in the workplace are proven to elevate organizational culture and strengthen teams. When people feel appreciated, they are more engaged and work harder – 81% of employees said they’re more motivated to put in the work if their boss shows them appreciation.


If you’d like to thank your boss, coworkers, or someone else in your network for being your rock during these uncertain times, read on! We’re sharing our tips on how to write a great thank you note:


  1. Pull out the pen and paper

 Yes, that’s right, you heard us – we’re doing this the old-fashioned way! Grab a thank you card or your favorite set of stationery and get writing. Your recipient will feel more appreciated if you take the time to handwrite an expression of your gratitude.


  1. Address the person appropriately

You might consider using a different greeting depending on whom you’re writing. If you know the person well, you can address them by their first name. If you have a more formal relationship with whom you’re writing, you might use a proper salutation such as “Dear First Name.”


  1. Be specific and genuine

This is when you write why you’re sending the thank you note! Try to be as specific as possible here. Added bonus if you’re able to include the value and impact of the reason you’re thanking them.  These details will resonate with the recipient and make them feel truly valued!


  1. Keep it short and sweet

 While you want to include details in your note, you don’t have to drone on and on for pages. A good rule of thumb is that one or two short paragraphs should suffice to express your gratitude. Use concise writing skills here, as an overly verbose thank-you card can be overwhelming for your reader. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point!


  1. Proofread, proofread, proofread!

Before writing the actual note, write up a draft so you have the chance to brainstorm and catch any potential spelling errors. Be sure you’re spelling the recipient’s name and the contents of the note correctly. Reread the thank you note again before sending it.


We hope that you all finish the rest of this season with hearts full of gratitude for all that is still wonderful in your lives. Showing gratitude for others not only creates feelings of goodwill for those on the receiving end, but research shows that the act of showing appreciation will boost your joy as well. Use our thank you note tips as a guide to spread some positivity before we close out the year.


In the spirit of gratitude, Careerstone Group extends sincere thanks to all of our clients, friends, and colleagues who supported us throughout the year. Thank you for showing up and participating so enthusiastically as we went virtual. We probably learned more from you than you did from us. We see you and we appreciate that you’ve been here for us! Thanks for being our light and encouraging us to innovate. You all were our pandemic silver linings. Thank you!

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