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Success Accelerators for Recent College Graduates

Congratulations, Class of 2020!  While the outlook for putting your hard-earned degree to work may look grim, we have a blueprint for brighter days ahead!  Careerstone Group’s Success Accelerators for Recent College Graduates is designed to help you navigate this unexpected transition.


Our six-week series will help you build your professional skills and polish up your résumé and interview acumen.  Each week, we’ll explore the career management process with tips, tools, and strategies you can implement immediately.  We’ll be joined by recruiters, HR specialists, and career coaches who will equip you with the most current and relevant information you need to highlight your job candidacy and build your network.


The first class is free!  Join Mary Abbajay, President of Careerstone Group and career management expert, for a free session – Success Accelerators to Kickstart Your Career!


Registered participants will:

  • engage in five additional live virtual courses where you’ll interface with Careerstone Group senior staff, and connect with HR specialists, recruiters, and career coaches in small group and 1:1 time
  • participate in the StrengthsFinders assessment and analyze results with career coaches
  • build their peer and expert network
  • receive guided coaching to update and vet their résumés and online profiles
  • have access to all digital materials and coursework
  • receive a certificate upon completion


Success Accelerators for Recent College Graduates begins Friday, July 10!


Space is limitedregister today!


Free Intro Session:  Success Accelerators to Kickstart Your Career – July 10

Being successful in the workplace requires ensuring that one generates positive personal impact. There are specific behaviors, skills, and attitudes that can help accelerate career success and ensure positive organizational impact. Success Acceleration requires strong communication skills, effective team skills, and personal management skills. This interactive, engaging, and fun workshop provides the essential skills and sensibilities that everybody who works in an organizational system needs to master in order to become an excellent and effective contributor. Participants learn to:

  • Embrace proper workplace etiquette
  • Cultivate a positive workplace image
  • Adapt to and appreciate organizational culture
  • Adopt collaborative attitude for organizational success
  • Learn the basics of “managing up”
  • Avoid common workplace derailers


Setting Goals and Exploring Strengths – July 17

Guest/Panel: Career Coaches

Take the first step on your path to landing your dream career by learning how to set career goals. Identify your strengths, skills, and interests to help you hone your career path. We will provide a StrengthsFinder Assessment to help you take stock of these and gauge potential career options. Participants will:

  • Formulate career goals using the SMART goals model
  • Analyze their StrengthsFinder results with a career coach
  • Increase understanding about how they communicate, receive information and make decisions
  • Develop insight into their own strengths and the strengths of others
  • Learn how to prioritize and maximize their strengths


Resiliency and Self-Care – July 24 (Jen Arnold, Robin Joseph)

Guest/Panel: “Listening Partners”

If there’s anything our brains don’t like, it’s uncertainty. Unfortunately, in the times of COVID-19, that’s all we have.  How can you manage through these uncertain times without compromising your health, happiness, and career? Learn the skill of resilience and practice self-care.  In addition to learning resiliency and self-care strategies, participants will connect with professionals who navigated their first job market during the economic crisis of 2008.  Participants will build their network and get practical and applicable tips that only someone who’s “been there” can provide.


The Art of Networking – July 31

Guest/Panel:  Recruiters

Cultivating an ever-expanding list of contacts will dramatically aid your career development, as well as your organization’s success and effectiveness. This means building a robust network of peers and colleagues to collaborate and connect with – a network that can support your success! Careerstone’s highly interactive, fast-paced, and extremely popular Networking Matters workshop gives participants the skills and sensibilities needed to cultivate their personal brand and put forth a professional image.  Recruiters from Hawthorne Lane and Ashton Carter will join us to share best practices and tips to provide participants with a proven advantage as job-seekers.


Résumés Matter – August 7

Guest/Panel:  HR

Are you ready to capture all of your successes in one effective document? Now more than ever, it’s essential to optimize our chances of being considered and hired for positions that are well-suited to their qualifications and interests. This course will help you hone your resume writing skills, provide you with tools to create an impressive resume, and provide suggestions on developing an effective cover letter. You will study different types of resume and cover letter formats that can be applied to various prospective agencies and your own personal career goals. You will undertake a critical assessment of the professional skills you already possess, brainstorm, and apply the best ways to market these skills in your resume and cover letter. Once completed, we will apply these same skills to optimizing your LinkedIn profile where networking never turns off!


Interview Prep – August 14

Guest/Panel:  Recruiter/HR

Your résumé helped get you in the door, now it’s time to land the job! You’ll have to ace the interview first, though. This course will walk you through preparing, practicing, and nailing your job interview. Learn to dazzle your interviewer with your knowledge of the company and with your skills and experience. Whether your interview is in-person or virtual, you’ll learn what interviewers are looking for and how to shine!  Participants will:

  • Develop and practice effective skills for engaging others
  • Learn the principles of building rapport
  • Examine best practices for interview preparation
  • Anticipate interview questions
  • Answer questions succinctly
  • Present themselves positively and professionally
  • Prepare for in-person and virtual interviews

We’ll complete our series by increasing our network; recruiters and HR specialists will join us for some culminating tips, tools, and strategies to ace interviews and stay connected!


Cost: $599*



*Discount codes and scholarship arrangements available! Email courtney@careerstonegroup.com for details!


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