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Mastering the Virtual Workplace: FREE Weekly Webinar Series

While many of us have enjoyed the flexibility of working remotely for quite some time, the recommendations for physical distancing have created a dynamic that is quite new to so many.

Careerstone Group is here to support you as you navigate this unexpected transition to emerge more connected, focused, and productive.  Join us for this 8-week series of free webinars that focus on providing you with the skills and strategies to excel!

Did we mention that these webinars are free? :)

Focus on You: Prioritizing Your Healthy Habits: April 15

Quarantine could be worse for your waistline than the holidays! But it doesn’t have to be. Self-isolation does not have to mean we let our healthy habits fall to the wayside. In fact, this could be the best time to implement the lifestyle changes you’ve been meaning to get around to! It really is possible to feel your best as you work from home, homeschool your kids, and practice social distancing.  Join us as Laura Buckley registered dietitian, wellness coach, and Careerstone Senior Consultant shares expert her strategies to help you:

  • Avoid weight gain (Laura calls it the “quarantine creep”) during this time
  • Improve your energy and efficiency while trying to fit everything into your new normal
  • Keep healthy habits a top priority

Laura Buckley is a registered dietitian and wellness coach. She is passionate about helping people end their weight struggles once and for all! You can learn more about her at www.laurabuckleycoaching.com

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Building Trust on Virtual Teams: April 22

Trust is at the heart of every relationship, and it’s especially critical in the workplace. Organizations are living complex systems of relationships, processes, and procedures. A high level of trust is an essential element of effective working relationships, and is directly linked to increased productivity, innovation, morale, and commitment! Current research tells us that trust matters more on virtual teams.  And that’s where many of us find ourselves in this moment!  So how do we build trust during this shift to remote work?  In this webinar, we will:

  • Examine the role of trust in virtual teamwork
  • Evaluate how communication, role clarity, and empathy contribute to trustworthiness
  • Adopt strategies to build trust virtually

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Resiliency Matters: How to Thrive During Uncertain Times: April 29

If there’s anything our brains don’t like, it’s uncertainty. Unfortunately, in the times of COVID-19, that’s all we have. As much as we’d like to proceed as business as usual, everyone is affected by the current situation and will continue to be for an undetermined period of time. How can you manage through these uncertain times without compromising your health and happiness? Learn the skill of resilience. Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or significant sources of stress. Although some people tend to be more resilient

than others, the skill of resilience can be learned. You’ll learn why resilience is a must have skill to practice and three concrete ways to can increase your resiliency!

In this session, Careerstone president, Mary Abbajay interviews Jennifer Arnold, Workplace Wellness Change Agent, and host of the Redesigning Wellness podcast.  Bring your questions about resiliency and how it impacts you and your team! Learn more about Jen and her work here: https://redesigningwellness.com/

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Communication Strategies for Virtual Teams: May 6

Success in the workplace requires positive personal impact and excellent communication skills. With many of the informal and symbolic elements of the traditional workplace lacking, our ability to communicate effectively even more imperative. On virtual teams, missing elements like physical social cues can create communication barriers and amplify misunderstandings.  In this fun and interactive session, Careerstone provides proven communication tips, strategies and skills to help all participants become excellent and effective virtual communicators. We’ll help you align your skills and talents to the potential challenges of the remote workplace.  Together, we will work to:

  • Develop and incorporate generative and collaborative communication tools and strategies
  • Apply appropriate and flexible communication strategies for being “heard” in a virtual space
  • Explore virtual tools to enhance our communication style
  • Determine the best mechanisms for communication on a virtual team

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Time Management Matters: May 13

Too little time and too much to do is a common condition for many of us—especially now as we have to blend our work life and home life. Getting the most out of a 24-hour day has proved to be quite challenging in our current environment—with a bottomless inbox, endless emails, sharing home office space and resources, hours of new virtual meetings, and the stress of the unknown. These constant time demands and competing priorities can make life difficult and stressful and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the all the work life and home life pressures, distractions and interruptions. We’ll also:

  • Assess personal time management style
  • Learn to use a prioritization matrix for daily goal setting
  • Identify tools to create a realistic plan for working from home effectively

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Lessons in Crisis Leadership: How to Lead During COVID-19: May 20

It’s safe to say none of us has managed change quite like this. It’s safe to say that COVID-19 has been debilitating for both business owners and employees alike. Join us for this interactive webinar where Careerstone president, Mary Abbajay interviews Cary Hatch, Owner and CEO of MDB Communications who will share the lessons she’s learned about leading during crisis. Cary will share how she’s adjusted business practices, what’s driving her team, how she’s motivating her team, and how she’s staying connected during these uncertain times….

With more than 35 years of experience in advertising and marketing, Cary Hatch, CEO of DC-based MDB Communications, has established a formidable track record in business and consumer communications, both domestic and international. A seasoned entrepreneur and veteran of more than 5 economic downturns, she freely shares what she calls her “scar tissue”: lessons learned and how to prevail during a time of chaos…and what that means for your business, employees, and your brand.

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Strengthening Yourself: Clarify and Reset Your Intentions: May 27

Unity is one of the most difficult pursuits.  We often think of unity in terms of aligning with the efforts or mindset of others. How we understand ourselves will be key to our ability to understand and engage with others.  Strengthening yourself with the best thoughts, ideas, and actions is key before we can successfully and positively unite with others. This webinar will help you dissect the importance of unity within oneself, and address tough questions such as:

  • Why is it difficult to truly connect to and accept ourselves?
  • How does judgment/negativity play a factor in our own self-assessment and awareness?
  • What practices can we use to better connect with others, especially across differences?
  • How to allow a “New You” to emerge from turmoil?

Thomas Barnette has over 25 years of experience as facilitator, trainer, mentor, keynote speaker and coach of transformation and change. 

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Transitions Matter: Making Change Work for You: June 3

Change is very challenging to organizational life and workforce effectiveness. Research shows that change has profound effects on an individual’s emotional state, including feeling blue, feeling sick, being excited, or being anxious. How one navigates change and transition has a profound effect on their success, at work and in their personal life. Careerstone’s Transitions Matter webinar helps participants understand change and transition and empowers them to manage it successfully.

We’ll focus on the recent transition to remote work and how to prepare yourself for the transition back – whatever shape that may take.  How can you use what you’ve learned about your work style, habits, and preferences, to benefit you, your team, your boss, and your organization?  Together, we’ll:

  • Understand people’s internal psychological response to change
  • Identify the stages of transition
  • Develop strategies to help ease transition for self and others

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Thriving Under Stress: Mindfulness for Your Workday: June 10

Stress is a part of work and life - especially now! While we can’t escape it, our response determines whether we thrive or suffer. Mindfulness is one of those essential practices. Through integrating mindfulness principles and practices at work, we’re able to communicate more effectively, focus on what matters most, uncover innovative solutions, and make strategic decisions - even in the midst of competing priorities, looming deadlines, challenging co-workers, and work/parent from home dynamics! Join mindfulness meditation & yoga teacher Robyn Fehrman to:

  • Increase knowledge of introductory principles of mindfulness and their relationship with stress
  • Learn specific & simple meditation techniques for cultivating focus, resilience, and joy at home and at work 


Robyn Fehrman specializes in yoga and mindfulness for “Type A” leaders: high impact (and often high strung!) individuals at all organizational levels, working toward transformational results. Robyn’s practical approach focuses on intentional breathing, movement, and meditation techniques that help leaders enhance the aspects of their personalities that make them effective, while letting go of that which doesn’t serve them at work, at home, and on the inside. Robyn’s classes are accessible for students of all experience levels. Learn more at www.MindfulTypeA.com

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Preparing For Re-Entry: Creating a Plan Tailored For Your Office: June 17

Given the high levels of uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, and how quickly guidance has been changing, creating a plan to reenter your office space can feel daunting. The Rosslyn Business Improvement District teamed up with experts in workplace design, cleaning and HR law to create an easy to follow framework to help businesses of all sizes develop a reentry plan they can feel confident in executing. During this interactive conversation, you’ll hear from Mary-Claire, the President of the Rosslyn BID as she shares specific tips from the workbook they created, and get examples of what others are doing to get their teams ready to return to the office.

Mary-Claire Burick is a dynamic and strategic leader whose focus is on building engagement and leading change. As President of the Rosslyn Business Improvement District, she is responsible for leading daily operations and creating programs that define, enhance and continually improve Rosslyn for those who work, live, visit and do business there.  

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Men, Social Media, and COVID-19: June 24

The global pandemic has required every organization to reprioritize and shift its focus. Join us to hear from Dr. Dominick Shattuck of Johns Hopkins University as he discusses how COVID-19 impacted the activities within a large global health project, specifically the identification of a high disease burden among men and how global health programming must address increased levels of domestic violence during quarantine. Additionally, he will touch upon how social media has replaced many of the traditional health behavior methodologies due to increased levels of access and social distancing demands. What role can social media play in modifying behaviors in a positive way?

Dr. Dominick Shattuck is the Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning for the Breakthrough ACTION project at Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs. He has led projects on multiple health and education topics. A Community Psychologist, Dominick’s evaluation approach emphasizes the use of mixed-methods research triangulating the perspectives of providers, beneficiaries, and policy makers on topics. Men’s reproductive health is an area in which Dr. Shattuck has provided global leadership. His approach is pragmatic and recognizes the intersection of men’s health needs and health-seeking behaviors, the many harmful undercurrents of masculinity, and how both impact the individuals around them. Currently, Dr. Shattuck is Co-Chair of the USAID-sponsored Male Engagement Task Force and Co-Chair of the Male Engagement section within the International Conference for Family Planning.

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